TF flexible Rogowski coil current sensors are used with DIRIS Digiware I, DIRIS A, or DIRIS B Power Monitoring Devices to measure currents from 100 to 6000 A with the same guaranteed accuracy. The quick RJ12 connection, and the integrated intelligence prevent any connection or configuration errors.
TF current sensors provide a versatile solution when space is limited, wrapped around irregular-shaped conductors or busbars without disrupting the wiring and the supply, highly convenient in retrofit applications.

No external power supply is needed, as the sensor is powered from the power meter through the RJ12 connection.

Conformity to standards

UL 61010 Guide PICQ File E257746
IEC 61557-12

Meter Selector
The ideal assistant for your DIRIS and ISOM Digiware projects
Meter Selector is the ideal assistant to accompany you in your multi-measurement and isolation monitoring projects.


Plug & Play

- RJ12 concept for a quick and reliable connection to the power meter.
- Automatic detection of current sensor type and rating.
- Low-voltage mV output - No shorting blocks are needed, TF sensors can be disconnected safely under load.


- Unique PreciSense technology guaranteeing system accuracy according to IEC 61557-12 standard.
- Class 0.5 system accuracy (Power Meter + TF current sensor) from 2% to 120% of rated current.
- Accuracy is guaranteed regardless of the position of the conductor in the loop.


Any wiring mishap, whether it’s a phase inversion, a wrong orientation or a configuration error can be corrected via software. Save time, effort and resources, avoiding the hassle of reworking physical wiring on current sensors.

Safe locking mechanism

The locking system prevents the loop from opening, guaranteeing continuous functioning and accuracy even under harsh conditions.

Simplified installation

- The TF sensor’s integrator is part of the RJ12 cable for a quick and compact setup (no DIN rail assembly required) inside electrical panels.
- The TF integrator is self-supplied by the power meter through the RJ12 cable and does not need an external power supply.

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