Energy Monitoring

Navigating the “New Normal”

As we start to consider the possibility of returning to aspects of our old routine, we can’t help but wonder if “business as usual” is possible, and for how long. Companies all over the world have either begun to implement new procedures for employees or are trying to decide the safest options for employees to…

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select a metering solution

How to Select a Metering Solution for Your Tenant Metering Application

Managing tenant energy billing may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. With new, high-quality multi-circuit metering technology, you can accurately measure tenant energy consumption, bill them for their usage, and help them to use less energy (which can ultimately lead to lower costs). But there are many different types of metering technology…

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multi circuit metering

The Best Multi-Circuit Metering Solutions for Small Spaces

Electrical rooms tend not to be a priority in the layout of commercial real estate space. These supporting facilities are most often small and filled with electrical distribution panels. For this reason, finding the space to install multi-circuit metering—especially in retrofit installs—is a challenge. Any square footage of floor space, such as common areas and…

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accuracy of the complete metering solution

Why Accuracy of the Complete Metering Solution is Vital for Tenant Metering

For the first time in over 10 years, commercial energy prices have begun to increase. Closing coal facilities and decommissioning peaker plants have had implications for office spaces and large residential units. Their electricity cost per square foot reached $1.70 per square foot in 2017, up ten cents from the year before. This means that metering is…

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